About Us

Inspired by the fun, carefree nature and style of my mother growing up in the 60s and 70s, Patti Jane Swim is a Canadian-based company committed to bringing you sustainable swimwear that shows off your personality. 

At Patti Jane Swim, we know that you're always down for a good time. A laid back attitude to keep things light, and an outfit that moves with you is all you need. Enter: groovy prints and bold colours to get the party started. We dig accessible style and understand the need for fun and variety in your "sunny-days" wardrobe, so we've created a range of swim and accessories that are just as funky as you are. Premium quality, affordable pricing, sustainable fabrics, and nostalgic prints to keep you (sort of) covered so that you can sink back into your lounge chair, mellow out by the pool and let us take you back to easier days.





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